To the beer… To the Spartans…

HC Old Academy Spartans is the Champion. Yes guys, you read well!

In this second season where I followed these crazy players as a team photographer, I had the opportunity to see them win the Südtirol Amateur Hockey League. It was a privilege. They aren’t just a hockey team, they are a family. A big family. And I’m proud to be a member of it.

This season was totally different from the first. New hockey players, a new participating team (congratulations HC Tigers Brixen for the second place in your first season in the league), other rules (nonetheless, we win against everything), a different format of competition and more referees. Moreover, during the pre-season it has been difficult to find an ice hockey rink. The Province of Bozen is the Italian temple of hockey, but there are more teams (and competitions) than rinks. However, after having found some places where to train and play, the 1st of December the Spartans season took off.

After 10 games with a great score, 7 won and 3 lost, the Spartans finished the Regular Season in the first place with 21 points. 2 points ahead of Hallo Freunde.

1HC Old Academy Spartans21
2Hallo Freunde19
3HC Brixen Tigers17
4ASV Sparrowhawks Burgstall14
5HC Floschn10
6HC Gregorianer9

So, thanks to this score they directly reached the Semifinal. But to reach the Final they should have beaten the Sparrowhaks Burgstall. A tough team. And they did! At the end of a really great game Spartans won 7-4. But on the road to raise the cup the Spartans met the worst team possible. In fact, HC Tigers was the second team to be joining the Final. During the Regular Season the team from Brixen had won both games and it won them with merit.

The 22 of February was the big day. In the locker-room the Spartans’ coach spoke to them from the heart. But it wasn’t enough. In fact, after the first time they were losing 2-0. But something happens. They started playing hockey very well; with head, heart… and body. At the end of the third time the score was 4-4. And during the shootouts they completed the work.

Quarter FinalsSemifinalFinal
HC Tigers7
HC Gregorianer6
Hallo Freunde3
HC Tigers4
HC Spartans4P
HC Tigers4
HC Spartans7
ASV Burgstall4
ASV Burgstall3
HC Floschn0

Unfortunately, another season is over. Nevertheless, here some pics to give you a look back at this triumphant and magical season.

1st game: Gregorianer vs Spartans 2-4
2nd game: Spartans vs Tigers 7-9
5th game: Hello Freunde vs Spartans 4-6
7th game: Spartans vs Gregorianer 8-3
8th game: Spartans vs Floschn 2-1
10th game: Burgstall vs Spartans 5-2

This is where we hold them… this is where we fight… this is where they die

King Leonidas
Final: Spartans vs Tigers 5-4 shootouts

Behind camera & words: me
Team: HC Old Spartans Bolzano

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